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We all Send Cards Online Greetings Cards


The Spend & Refer loyalty reward program from We All Send Cards provides a reward to their members for helping them grow. This reward can be transferred as cash to a UK bank account or PayPal account. With this program members can earn a monthly passive income of many thousands of pounds.


What makes this loyalty program unique?


This is different to a typical loyalty program which tends to pay a small percentage of the expenditure of a customer which can be used to offset future purchases. Instead they operate a two-pronged system which could pay back many thousands more that what a member spends every single month:


1) For every weallsendcards.com greeting card a weallsendcards.com member purchases, they will be eligible to earn a percentage of the value of purchases made by a segment of the weallsendcards.com customer base (instead of their own) for a 30-day period.


2) The number of members this segment will include depends partly on how many referrals the member has made; however, the loyalty scheme rules means that just five personal referrals from that member could be complimented by many thousands of referrals from other members so the segment could include around 100,000 members or more over time.